Katie Thomas

KTM Designs


Katie co-founded her Interior Design business, KTM Design, in October 2015. KTM Design work on commercial, hospitality and residential interior design projects across the UK and have a thriving portfolio of restaurant, bar, night-club and residential design. Katie is raising awareness of the power of design and how it can help enrich the lives of others - whether at work, home or in public spaces. How can people’s happiness, well-being, behaviour and productivity be so hugely affected by the spaces they are in?

Educating and inspiring young people to pursue a career in the creative industries, Katie is a Visiting Lecturer of Interior Design at the Arts University Bournemouth (AUB). Following her success in business, academia and her contribution to the interior design community, Katie was approached by the UK professional body for Interior Designers, the Society of British and International Design (SBID), to become their Regional Director for the South West.

Katie is a frequent speaker at property and design shows such as Platinum Property Partners, where she educates landlords and property developers on how they can add maximum value to their properties.