How to test your business idea through Amazon - Rob Thorpe

To be an entrepreneur you kind of have to like being punched in the face and overcoming these adversities... because you will get them every single day."

On today's show I welcome Rob Thorp from Vite who's founded one of the leading Nootropic brands in the UK. Rob comes form a background in foreign exchange trading. He had an entrepreneurial scratch to itch and decided to do just that by leaving to set up his own business. He decided to look at competitors, their reviews and looked at different ways he could improve different products and services and this is what he decided to settle on. So he launched a performance nutrition brand on Amazon aimed at students and busy professionals that aid energy and productivity - something he could relate to. After just 12 months Vite is ranked 3rd in it's sector but now finds the challenge of trying to grow a brand outside of Amazon which offers instant traffic and feedback, but lower profit margins. Let's StartUp!