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Up Close and Personal with Jamie Laing: The Candy Kittens Story

Join us for an up close and personal evening with Reality TV star Jamie Liang and Co-founder of Candy Kittens Ed Williams, to find out how they build the iconic Candy Kittens brand!

In 2012, alongside his role on award winning reality TV series Made in Chelsea, Jamie Laing launched Candy Kittens, an innovative, gourmet sweet range that seriously focuses on quality.

The idea is held together by a shared passion of leading the change in confectionery - without compromise - using natural colourings and flavours and being gluten free.

The company has secured a nationwide listing with Tesco and also provides stock for Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Topshop and Selfridge's. Laing used to reference Candy Kittens on 'Made in Chelsea' many times but now says the show no longer drives customers to the brand. "At the very beginning, I think Made in Chelsea helped" - Laing. Now Candy Kittens is a business in it's own right.

Laing brought in Ed Williams to manage the day-to-day running of the business after his TV commitments made running the business impossible. Their partnership has enabled the company to flourish - they now export to 15 countries, and is forecast to be making "between £1 and £2m" next year.

Speaking in Bournemouth this October, make sure you get your tickets for this amazing event, which is sure to inspire your entrepreneurial flare