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Lucienne Elms - Horse Scout

Lucienne has worked in the equestrian sector all of her life, and for the past 15 years has ridden as a professional competition rider.

She was very interested in uptake of Facebook, and now more so LinkedIn, Lucienne recognised that there were gaps in the market that these social and business platforms lacked specificity for, and wanted to form a recognised brand, strong and classy enough even that equestrian professionals sought after it, and desired to be associated with it. My vision was never rigid with respect to functionality, my drive comes from knowing the space and market opportunity.


william ferreira.jpg

William Ferreira - UNBXD

William has extensive experience in the creative industry from working as a film producer to freelancing as a creative consultant for some of the UK's most influential fashion and lifestyle brands. Helping them develop their creative content, target market engagement and brand identity. William decided to develop his creative knowledge and launch UNBXD, an integrated creative agency that focuses on social media marketing, content creation and digital media.

With the ambition to develop himself as a young entrepreneur, sharing his knowledge with likeminded creatives and investing in new business opportunities. After successfully running UNBXD since 2015, William has now launched his second venture "Startdeck" an online platform that focuses on assisting startups.



Pippa Yeates- Bubble and Squeak

Pippa visited many amazing places, notably Italy, home of delicious Prosecco, wine and endless culinary delights. she has always enjoyed quality cuisine and trying new things and many years later a light bulb moment came whilst sipping on Prosecco, that would incorporate all of her many talents and passions in life - a portable Prosecco bar!

And so Bubble & Squeak was born. The ‘bubbles’ are obviously self-explanatory and ‘squeak’ - you will have to check out her website for that one!




Mitchell Stuart - Inferno Media

Mitchell Stuart, Managing Director of Inferno Media, is a dedicated, highly motivated, successful entrepreneur. Mitchell possesses the invaluable experience and expertise to ensure he and Inferno Media remain at the forefront of today’s digital industry.

Mitchell’s innate ability to connect with people both on and offline now sees him working with a variety of established clients from a range of industries. Mitchell is results-driven and prides himself on perfecting his services, Inferno specialise solely in social media marketing ensuring they remain at the top of their game at all times. With a rapidly growing team and big expansion plans, it’s looking bright for Inferno Media.

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